Donate your Old Bike

We are always in need of bikes for our community programmes and would love to find your old bike a new home with someone who would otherwise be unable to access one.

We are always looking for good quality bikes with 24″ size wheels or above. Please bear in mind that any donated bikes need to be in a condition that they can be refurbished and re-homed quickly. If you think your bike is very rusty and/or beyond reasonable repair then please take it to the tip, as it wouldn’t be economical or suitable for us to refurbish it. If you are unsure, please send us a picture of the bike by email.

Drop off your bike during our normal opening hours, or send us an email to with details and a photo.

Bikes donated will be refurbished and either given away as part of our Earn-a-Bike programme or sold to raise much needed funds for our community workshops.
If we can’t salvage your bicycle, we will always strip them for any usable parts which will then be used on other bikes. Any worn out, damaged or otherwise unusable parts will be passed on to one of our partner organisations for reuse, upcycling or lastly recycling.

Please Note

Unfortunately we cannot collect bicycles from you.
We are unable to offer anything for your donation, either by way of a payment, exchange or part exchange.
We cannot accept donations of scooters, skateboards or pushchairs.

"We have had a working relationship with Hastings Bike Project for 7 years. Many of our participants have benefitted from the wonderful one to one customised support given by the team. Many of our participants have been able to experience Hastings town on their bikes in an independent and sustainable way and the impact this has had on rebuilding their lives in their new town is immeasurable."

Rossana Leall, CEO - The Refugee Buddy Project