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For just £10 a month you can help us to deliver community bike workshops and get more bicycles to people who really need them. In return, we'll help you keep yours rolling smoothly with 1 free service a year!

Each week we rehome up to 10 unwanted bicycles…

…with people who really need access to affordable transport, including refugees and asylum seekers, those with long term health problems, ex-offenders and people on substance abuse recovery schemes.

We receive generous donations of bicycles from individuals and organisations each month, but we don’t just hand them straight out. We give each bike a thorough refurb, replacing worn parts with new components to make sure they’re in tip-top riding condition.

We also want to make sure we offer an educational and empowering experience, which has a lasting impact on the lives of all those involved. That’s why, rather than simply offering a charitable hand-out, each person who receives a bike from us takes part in a free maintenance workshop to learn mechanics skills.

But their involvement with us doesn’t stop there. Anyone who has ‘earned’ a bike from HBP has ongoing access to our free weekly repair workshops so they can keep their bikes rolling smoothly and build their mechanics skills too.

We think all this is vital for our community, but it does cost money, which is why we need your support.

Becoming a Hastings Bike Project Supporter

Help us to help more people get out on two wheels by donating £10 a month. As a thank you, we’ll help you keep your bike rolling smoothly with 1 free service a year! Check out our Terms & Conditions below for how to redeem your service.

Become a Supporter


A regular monthly donation of £10 helps us keep this valuable community service rolling, but if you’d rather make a smaller monthly donation or one-off donation that’s amazing too. Our home in the former lifeguard stores has some big challenges and we've got ambitions to expand our workshop sessions to help more people.


If you are interested in supporting us with a BIG donation to support a major project, or legacy gifting, please get in touch.

Thank you!

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Terms & Conditions

Each person who donates a minimum of £10 a month will be entitled to one Level 1 service a year from our professional mechanics, free of charge. This offer excludes any parts that are needed as part of the service. If your bike needs additional work over and above a Level 1 service, we will inform you of this and you will be provided with a full quote when you bring your bike in for servicing.

You can redeem your first free service 4 months after your first donation and once a year thereafter. Please contact us to book your service.